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  At Hyundai Pharm, we adopted and implemented our Compliance Program in 2007 with the goal of putting ethics and compliance into practice at work. Since then, we have made a wide range of efforts, including the CEO’s declaration of commitment to compliance, training for employees, and the development of disciplinary mechanisms.

Our efforts have paid off in a number of ways. In 2018, we earned the highest rating of “AA” on the CP assessment performed by the Fair Trade Commission; and in 2019, we achieved ISO 37001 certification, a global standard.

These accomplishments led Hyundai Pharm to lay the groundwork for our business ethics for sustainable growth while we work to fulfill our social responsibility, which society requires of all companies.

Business ethics is not simply about obeying legal and institutional regulations.

Business ethics is a competitive advantage that a company needs to increase its value by fulfilling the responsibilities that society expects companies to fulfil. It is also essential to a company’s survival in an environment that is continuously becoming more competitive.

At Hyundai Pharm, we will not simply obey the rules and regulations to put ethics and compliance into practice, but will continuously keep these rules and practices up to date, so that ethics and compliance become a permanent part of our workplace culture for employees.

Sang Joon Lee, President of Hyundai Pharm