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Hyundai offers collaborative opportunities to our partners such as in and out-licensing, co-marketing, co-promotion, co-development, R&D investment and joint-ventures in order to develop and provide innovative, valuable drugs to the patients around the world. We work with partners to establish an alliance that is mutually beneficial, where both of us realize and often exceed strategic goals. Our strong relationships with domestic and international partners increase access to new markets.

Hyundai Pharm welcome collaborative opportunities to our partners around the world to bring the best therapeutic products to local markets. We have keen interests in various discovery research technologies and original drug development concepts and approaches, to improve the efficiency of research and development of new drugs.
In partnering with Hyundai Pharm, our licensing professionals will take you through in a rapid and straightforward process which divides into 4 main step processes to ensure the opportunity falls within Hyundai's area of scientific focus and strategic direction with your company.

Our licensing professionals search out opportunities concerning compounds and products, drug development targets, and fundamental technologies
  • Non-confidential information submitted
  • Initial non-confidential review to determine if your proposal complements our principal business Confidentiality disclosure agreement signed
  • Confidential review
  • Teleconference/Face-to-face scientific meetings
  • Transaction Manager assigned
  • Term sheet negotiations conducted
  • Due diligence
  • Contract negotiated and executed
After conclusion of the contract, the alliance manager follows up the alliance until its completion